Volunteer Activities

Here at the Friends Peace Center we welcome anyone interested in the following activities:

-Workshops, lectures, or world happenings for peacemakers, as well as teleconference and media exchanges

-Enrichment of the Data center and Library specialized in peace, disarmament and religious interfaith practice.

-Active participants in specific projects coming from a variety of religious backgrounds.

-Training seminars on non-violent conflict resolution in San José and other cities of Costa Rica.

-Develop educational programs for Peace for the youth of Costa Rica

Click here to see an info graphic of our various projects and programs.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved, please contact us at info@amigosparalapaz.org.

Testimonies from Previous Volunteers 

As an undergraduate student of international relations and a member of the United States’ Army Reserves, it goes without saying that my world views have been shaped in a very specific way.  When I first arrived at the Friends Peace Center, I was weary of potential anti-military and anti-imperialist sentiments, and I was not sure how my background would be received by members of the organization. Of course, I quickly realized that my fears were unfounded and couldn’t be any further from the truth.  I felt very welcome right from the beginning, and in fact, many members were interested to hear my perspectives on the military and peace, as well. Perhaps the most rewarding part about volunteering with CAP has been the conversations and discussions with the myriad of groups and organizations that meet here. Every member is fiercely dedicated to actively finding peaceful solutions and upholding the principles of human rights and social justice, and it has been refreshing to volunteer in an environment so full of passion. During my internship at CAP I have had the pleasure of working with members of the Peace Watch and the Active Network for Human Rights, attending meetings and assisting with presentations and workshops, as well as collaborating with Francisco Cordero Gené and Ann Marie Saidy in effort to update and improve the CAP website. Throughout this journey I have learned more than I possibly could have imagined and for that I will be eternally grateful.

-Whitney Followell, volunteer/intern 2012