Weekly, Bi-monthly, Monthly and Yearly Events

Weekly Events
Peace Watch/Observatorio de Conflictos : Wednesdays at 1:30pm link
RED Activa de Derechos Humanos : email us for more information
Quaker Meeting : Sundays at 11am

Bi-Monthly Events
Commitee de Solidaridad con Palestina: email us for more information

Monthly Events
Board of Directors Meeting : Last Friday of the month
Volunteer Initiation Day : email us for more information

Yearly Events
Abolition of the Army – December 1st
Anniversary of CAP – December 10th

Upcoming Events

June 11 — 19th Peace Delegation tour

Members of School of the Americas Watch and the Marin Interfaith Task Force will be visiting Costa Rica for a special tour. Details are being worked out for local participation

POSTPONED Col Ann Wright visits Costa Rica at the invitation of CAPDetails are being worked out

July 31 — August 6 International WILPF Congress

begins on July 31 with the Young Women’s Seminar and ends with Hiroshima Day

August 6 Hiroshima Day (Events in Conjunction with WILPF)