Much of what we work with, including buildings, has come through the generous giving of members during the last twenty-eight years and there is no doubt that without the continued support of members and interested patrons, we cannot hope to maintain the programs, projects and public actions that have made CAP what it is today. We are lucky to have Casa Ridgway providing the basics for our office expenses but the programs and projects have to come from additional funds.

We especially look for donations that are unrestricted, that is that we can use as we need to, but if you want to restrict your gift we are grateful as well. If you like, we can provide accounting information. Sometimes we do ask for donations of food and clothing. Of course we will give receipts for any type of donation. The CAP Board is delighted to receive donations of any size and description.


The Friends Peace Center enjoys a special designation that allows for donations from Costa Rican businesses to be deducted in full from the donor’s gross income, exactly like any other deductible expense. This is a good opportunity for businesses looking to fill their “business social responsibility,” to decrease their taxable income and help the Peace Center at the same time.


If you would like to make a tax free donation to our work, simply click the “Network for Good” link that appears on the right side of the page. Through the account of MONTEVERDE FRIENDS U S INC you can support CAP by simply designating your contribution to “Friends Peace Center” in the space provided.

For more information about how to contribute you can contact us at:

Thank you for supporting us!