We aim to promote and build a culture of peace and active nonviolence in Costa Rica by upholding social justice and human rights. We provide social support for the movement with our resources and services such as disclosing and reporting human rights violations, alternative conflict resolution workshops, counseling, physical space and supportive housing.

The Mission and purposes of the Association are the following:
1. to facilitate human understanding toward peaceful resolution of its personal, community, social and political differences, both national and international.

2. to investigate and publicize and help eliminate the political, social, economic, sociologic and cultural causes that generate war and violence.

3. to promote the abolition of violent methods of coercion to resolve conflicts

In order to accomplish the mission and purpose of the Association it will:

– Disseminate the thinking and experience of those who work for Peace worldwide by means of seminars and conferences as well as create its own library.

– Facilitate the exchange of experience and information between people who are interested in what is needed for Peace.

– Enable the work of Peace groups in the area by sharing with them the meeting place and the use of office equipment and the library.

– Stimulate personal commitment to a peaceful life through religious experience, making available meeting rooms for religious services including but not limited to the meetings of the Society of Quaker Friends for Peace. (Sociedad de los Amigos Cuaqueros para la Paz).

– Develop experimental programs like training seminars against violence and work camps in Costa Rica.

– Develop educational programs for Peace for the youth of Costa Rica

Long-term general objectives for 2010-2015

1. To consolidate a human rights observatory that will track the development of human rights violations and militarization in our region through reports, newsletters, articles, press and specific proposal in order to influence policies of national and international bodies (such as the United Nations, and the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly) and the public.

2. To increase the activism of CAP in the communal sector in coordination with the Red Activa de los Derechos Humanos, in order to help build a culture of peace in the community, by providing training in the principles of peaceful coexistence, alternative conflict resolution and social economy and self-sustainability projects.

3. To strengthen the institution’s self-sustainable management and enhance the efficiency of Casa Ridgeway and its services.