The Quaker Peace Center (CAP) in San José, Costa Rica, is inspired by the Quaker tradition of promoting non-violent change for justice and peace. We understand peace to be not only the absence of war, but also the process of developing societies characterized by equality, justice, freedom of expression, and full opportunity for all. To achieve our goals, we conduct workshops, hold meetings, collaborate with community organizations, provide meeting space for like minded groups, and offer a lending library of books related to peace, non-violent resistance and activism. Demilitarization, analysis of the consequences of war, immigrant rights, ecological concerns, urban renewal are some of the issues with which we are concerned.

Board of Directors

As of January 2014

President: Fernando Madriz Herrera

Vice President: Ana Cecilia Jimenez

Treasurer: Marcela Zamora Cruz

Secretary: Mario Grant Sáenz

Fiscal: Stella Chinchilla

Vocal 1: Milagro Solis

Vocal 2: Bill Read